8105 Ventnor Ave Margate, NJ English Tudor Home

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1989 photo - 8105 Ventnor Ave English Tudor Margate NJ
8105 Ventnor Ave, Margate City NJ, Beautiful English Tudor Home – 1989

8105 Ventnor Ave English Tudor Home, Margate City, NJ

Many of you may be familiar with this beautiful English Tudor home in Margate City, NJ. Sitting at the corner of Ventnor and Haverford Aves, it had been there since the 1930s. It was hard to miss, close to the beach and of course Dino’s. In and of itself it was much like a Margate landmark.

It was my family’s home and where I grew up – moving there from Longport in 1965. It was not just a home residence – but also housed also the office of my dad Dr. Stanley P Rogers, MD. Perhaps as a friend or patient you spent time there?

The Truth of Why this Tragic “Tear Down” Happened

Flower garden in front of English Tudor house.
Front garden in full bloom with all the flowers.

Few know the truth of why this “tear down” happened and who was actually behind this unfortunate, tragic and unnecessary event. Having remained silent for some time, it’s time to speak out!

Anyone who knew my mother knew how much she loved her home. It was her showcase. From the perfectly manicured gardens and roses she loved, to the interior with “too pretty to use bathroom hand towels”. There is NO WAY she would have wanted her beautiful home to be torn down!!

Paying homage to my family’s home, the coming pages will initially share some photo history. Then those behind the heinous act of the tear-down will be disclosed…

English Tudor in Margate, NJ Historical Photos

This beautiful home continues to take shape with its construction.
English Tudor in Margate construction from the 1930s.

For a true piece of Margate history, please go to page two of this exposé.

There you will see actual historical photos from the 1930s of this beautiful home being built from the ground up.

It’s literally the entire sequence. From the empty lot to its final completion. It is truly a piece of Margate history which is sadly completely gone.

The sad reality is not only is the beautiful English Tudor home gone, the 8105 Ventnor Ave address has been erased from the island. It no longer even exists!

This was a beautiful and stately home. It was a Mahoney built home and exemplified character inside and out. The quality, details and craftsmanship of a home built in the 1930s is in a league of its own compared to the bland, crappy boxes built today.

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