Abstract Photos of Nature: Flowers and Trees

Abstract pink and yellow Zinnia flower

Sometimes  photos can unfold with unusual outcomes. Abstract photos of flowers and trees – with their colorful textures can often be far more interesting than one may have originally planned. Unintended results can be a good thing! At times it can be operator error as due to settings that may not have been ideal. But the results can still be kinda cool none the less.

Then there are those that become composites. Several photos – who on their own were boring or had bad lighting. But once combined and say some specialized filters were applied, became unique in themselves rather than just literal representations.

That being said, let’s explore some of these creations…

Flower Seed Heads

spherical flower seed head
Unusual flower seed head with its intricate details.

This spherical seed head in the photo above presented itself on the ground one morning while I was out taking photos. It was just plopped there – looking somewhat out of place. I’m not sure what kind of flower it came from? But it was big and perfect, just begging to be photographed. It’s the textures that I found so fascinating. Their complexity, details and all the little intricacies within it. They appear infinite…

Grapes and Their Abstracted Beginnings

This abstract photo of grapes was taken while living in Santa Fe. I was on a walk around the neighborhood with a new lens in search of subject matter. Let’s just say these little grapes were in the infancy of their development. Honestly, I had never seen grapes in this stage before and I love the abstract results. The green vines in the background with the sun peaking through added to the results. I could not have planned this photo if I tried!

abstract photo imagery of emerging baby grapes
Grapes in the VERY early stages of their development.

An Abstract Lily or Two…

It’s no secret that I love taking photos of different types of Lily flowers. On a summer morning I was exploring the resident blooming lilies in the neighborhood. This photo was definitely an unintended result. The softness and colors contribute to its abstract nature – IMHO.

close-up abstracted lily flower
Abstract photo of yellow and peach Lily flower.

The photo below was of a cluster of peach colored foxtail lilies (also known as desert candles). These flowers are a favorite to photograph – especially when bees are buzzing around them. The original photo was not the result I was hoping for. So I explored some specialized filters during post processing to see what would happen. Little did I expect the result which looks like an owl’s eyes! Ok, maybe that’s just what I see, but I’m going with it!

abstracted foxtail lily flowers
Foxtail Lilies with specialized filter applied resulting in an owl-like appearance.

Colors and Textures of Fall Leaves and Grasses

The next photo comes from the gathering of Aspen leaves after a Fall hike. The leaves were so full of colors and textures that I wanted to preserve their state for future reference. So I went total old school. When I got home I  put them between pieces of wax paper and pressed them within a heavy book.

close-up photo imagery of colorful aspen leaf
Veins and textures of a colorful fall Aspen leaf..

Do kids even do that anymore? It’s so cool cuz the leaves have remained in their beautiful, pristine state. So much so that I have been able to take ongoing close-up photos of them. And I just gathered a bunch of freshly fallen Maple leaves. They too are pressing within wax paper awaiting some new photo ops!

This assortment is how things all began with wanting to pursue photography. It’s actually a composite of about 3 photos taken in Santa Fe, NM along Aspen Vista Trail in the fall. Come October, the golden aspens are amazing and well worth checking out!

abstract image of aspen trees in fall
Abstracted aspen trees along Aspen Vista Trail in Santa Fe, NM.

Yes, it’s very abstract with its swirls and textures. It’s actually a composite of about 3 photos to get the final result. The style is not for everyone. More straightforward photos of golden aspens in fall are a dime a dozen. So It’s the uniqueness of this photo that has it framed and hanging on my wall 🙂

Abstract nature photography ornamental garden grasses
Ornamental garden grasses with specialized filters resulting in its abstracted appearance.

The ornamental garden grasses in the photo above was an early experiment in using specialized filters during post-processing. After many layers, masking and other tweaks, the result was this abstraction. What makes this one so different is that the outer edges of the grasses with the spirals effect look like peacock feathers!!

A Frosty Freeze

abstract nature imagery of ice crystals on pine tree
Ice crystals on pine tree needles.

The last photo is from a crazy frosty freeze we had a few years back. Bizarre looking ice crystals had formed on the trees and surrounding landscape. This photo of the crystals on pine tree needs got an abstract boost with some post-processing filters. Even in winter Nature never fails to disappoint – imho. 🙂

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