Aspen Trees – Fall Colors in Colorado

Changing aspen tress on a sunny fall day in Colorado.

While the Chamisa are doing their thing at lower elevations, it’s the golden Aspen trees that are so indicative of Colorado’s fall landscape at higher elevations that take center stage. Photographing flowers is more my thing – but who can resist all the brilliant colors and the show these trees and Nature puts on. Whether you have a fancy pants camera or just your iPhone, It’s a leaf-peepers paradise!

As it turns out, Colorado has a higher percentage of the species growing within its borders than any other state. It goes without saying that Aspens thrive in higher elevations. At lower elevations they do not do as well. However homeowners plant them just the same. These leafy trees provide shade in summer, a colorful bounty in autumn and beautiful white bark in winter. The contrasts of this combination against a bright blue sky can make for some beautiful photos.

Timing and Mother Nature’s Agenda

Golden aspen trees - fall colors in Colorado.
Aspen trees with their golden yellow leaves.

Primo leaf-peeping times vary season to season. Mid to late September is usually a safe bet. The further south you go, the later into the season these changes are likely to occur.

BUT Mother Nature can be fickle! Timing and weather conditions will define the colors of a particular season. And if there is a hard frost during the time in which the Aspen trees are turning, the leaves can all just turn brown. Or we can have a major wind storm and all these leaves are blown off.

It’s such a bummer when this happens! You just never know and hope for the best.

On an up note, when it’s on it’s on as many a landscape photographers photos can attest to. A google search will reveal said images.

I am in awe when I see some of these amazing photos. Mine may pale in comparison, but they make me happy just the same. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to capture such moments.

Aspen Trees Photos Compilation

Realizing I had never done a post on Aspen trees photos, I thought it nice to share a compilation. Locations I’ve ventured to over the last few years in Colorado where I was able to capture moments of this colorful fall event. From State Parks, hiking trails and mountain passes, it’s a mash-up of fall colors.

If you’ve had the opportunity to experience this, yay. Never take it for granted. At one location I was among a group of folks visiting from Asia who had never seen anything like it. The joy and delight in their eyes was that of the wonder of children. We should NEVER lose that wonder. It’s such a gift!

That being said, here are some colorful Aspen tree moments…

An Aspen Leaf Up Close

As a sucker for the color orange, I’m drawn to the trees when their colors have this burnt hue over the golden leaves. And given my propensity to like photos more up close, Aspen leaves have way more colors and textures than you may realize. So this close-up photo of an Aspen leaf is a personal favorite. The landscapes are lovely, but the details of a little leaf after it’s fallen to the ground are incredible. Veins, arteries and colors – an abstract artwork in and of itself.

Close-up photo of colorful fall aspen leaf.
Close up of a fallen Aspen leaf with al its colors and details.

Gathering several of these fallen leaves, I went old school, took them home and put them between wax paper to preserve them. I am happy t report they have continued to retain their colors and unique textures.

Nature is amazing! 🙂

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