Blue Flax Wildflowers Gallery

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Blue Flax Wildflowers Gallery

These delicate, little Blue Flax wildflowers are so very pretty. As I began the flower photography journey, I became much more observant of what was in bloom in my given location. I came across these little gems one day at one of the local Botanic Gardens.. They come in various shades from pale blue to a vibrant blueish-purple. and tend to show up in May and last for a few months.

The little flower blooms open with the morning sunlight. If you have the time, you can literally watch them open. However, the blooms have a short life-span – lasting only a day before they drop away. They make for a wonderful subject matter to photograph especially when there are some of the little buds dangling by the flowers. But if there’s any wind, it can be challenging!! Utilizing an an art photography lens the results can be quite lovely. With the soft effects, sometimes they look more like paintings than photographs.

You may view the Blue Flax wildflowers gallery collection below.

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