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butterfly on green foliage
Butterfly on green foliage.

Capturing photos of butterflies, bees and an occasional ladybug requires an incredible amount of patience! Something fluttering or buzzing about does not stay still for very long. But when the moment is right and I literally hold my breath, they can deliver!

Bees definitely need to warm up before they begin their pollinating work day – especially in the cool spring mornings. Once warmed up, watching them as they get to work on the various flowers is quite amazing. I especially enjoy watching them on the bright pink Cholla cactus blooms and on the Foxtail Lilies. Sometimes they even hang out in the Prickly Pear cactus flowers!

The butterfly photos were via one of the local Botanic Garden’s seasonal butterfly exhibit. It was definitely a learning experience. Thankfully butterflies tend to stay still a bit longer than the bees!!

Bees and butterflies have taken such a hit with their declining populations. Taking the time to watch them is a gift. So when the opportunity to be still and photograph them arises, I’m grateful 🙂

Below is a collection of unique photos of butterflies, bees and even ladybugs on various flowers and plants. They were taken with an art photography lens yielding a softer more artistic effect.

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