Colorful Cosmos Flower Blooms

Translucent pink cosmos flower petals.

Cosmos flowers – with their daisy-like blooms and bright yellow centers brighten up the community gardens I like to frequent in late summer. Their flowers in white and shades of pinks sit atop long, slender stems with bushy asparagus-like green foliage”. They are such happy looking flowers imho.

Life stalls us at times. And being derailed for many weeks due to a MUCH needed move to a new location, photo opportunities were few and far between. I was grateful to have captured these images prior to the move. However it is only now that I have been able to combine them with a new post.

In a previous post on Cosmos flowers, I share background info on the flowers for those who may be interested.

Translucent Petals in the Morning Sun

What makes photographing Cosmos flowers special for me is how they appear in the early morning sun. At the right angle, the pale pink flower petals take on a translucent appearance which makes them especially beautiful. This you can see in the image at the top of this post.

Sideview of pink and white cosmos flower
Sideview of pink and white Cosmos flower bloom.

Photographing them straight may be a preference to others, but I find the side angle views especially stunning.

Like in the photo to the left, often times the images look like the are floating agains an abstract background. While they come out of the camera looking like this – with very little post-processing necessary, they look more like paintings. Those are some of my favorite shots! 

While they bloom in white and shades of pink varying from pale to a bright magenta, it’s those that are a combination of white trimmed with magenta that I tend to gravitate towards photographing. I suppose it’s the contrast of the colors of the flower petals that draws me in…

Bees Flock to Cosmos Flowers

It’s a joy to share natural spaces with other critters that appreciate it and bees certainly like Cosmos flowers too! I suspect the bright yellow, pollen filled centers of these flowers must be irresistible to bees. If you look closely enough at their efforts, you will find them with a face full of yellow pollen!

Honey bee gathering pollen on pink and white cosmos.
Honey bee gathering pollen on bright yellow center of Cosmos flower.
Honey bee hovering over cosmos flower
Coming in for a landing! You can see the bee’s shadow on the flower petals.
Orange belted bumble bee on pink cosmos flower
Orange-belted bumble bee on pink Cosmos flower.

The honey bees do take center stage. But one cannot overlook when a little orange-belted bumble makes an appearnace and drops in on a Cosmos flower. These little guys are so cool to see up close and personal. Their orange mid-section against a bright pink flower is a reminder of how amazing and colorful Nature truly is. As always, I am both grateful for the moment and humbled 🙂

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