Coneflowers Come to Life in Mid-Summer

purple and orange coneflowers

I’d say there has been a picture of a Coneflower on every bottle of Echinacea I’ve ever purchased. And by the amount of Echinacea I’ve taken over the years, one would think I’d have figured out that the pink-purple Coneflowers were one and the same. However, it was only once I began photographing them that I made the connection of this medicinal flowering plant.

FYI, Echinacea remains my “go-to” herbal supplement when I feel a cold coming on. And it has helped immensely with immune support. Just my two cents on what works for my body.

After other Flowers Fade…

Up until summer kicks into high gear, my focus is on other blooms such as cactus flowers. But after the cactus flowers have completed their cycle, this is when this beautiful coneflowers really come to life. And they really do make for wonderful flower photography subjects. 

There appear’s to be quite a variety of Coneflowers. Some come in colors and variations such as yellows, reds, oranges and even greens as in the Green Twister in the photo below. But for the context of this post, most of the ones photographed have been the more recognizable purple with orange center.

Green Twister Coneflower
Green Twister variety of Coneflowers.

In Summer Flower Gardens

purple and orange echinacea flowering plant
Purple and orange Coneflowers in summer garden.

Apparently Echinacea, or Coneflowers, are immensely popular. They are a native to North America flowering plant. And they really do make a lovely addition growing in folks summer gardens.

As I can’t just stroll up and photograph them in someone’s private garden, I have been able to find them growing at other public gardens. Thus I don’t look like a creepy person with a camera stalking someones garden flowers!

Truth be told that actually happened when I was trying to photograph someone’s blooming Iris. They complained to the HOA president where I was living at the time. He had to reassure her that I was not a threat to society, just a flower photographer. Regardless, lesson learned!!

Their pretty purple-pink flowers petals with orange cone center really does brighten up a garden. And they look lovely growing alongside other flowers such as daisies and they like.

Bees Take Center Stage on Coneflowers

Whenever possible, I love to allow bees to take center stage with my photography. Bees on flowers are by far one of my favorite things to capture via my camera. And the busy guys never disappoint when it comes to Coneflowers!

bumble bee on coneflower
Bumble bee doing its pollination thing on Coneflower.
Honey bee on coneflower petal
Honey bee hanging out on Coneflower petal.

I’ve noticed that In photographing bees on Coneflowers, they tend to stay still a bit longer.  It was a rare moment to capture the honey bee hanging out on the flower petal in the photo above.

They don’t seem to be as frantic as on other flowers. It’s like a bit more leisurely pollination process. Perhaps they have more area to cover with these flowers? Sometimes they even share the spotlight with other bees like in the photo below. This can make for some great photo ops. 

two bees on coneflower
Two bees – the larger one known as a solitary bee on coneflower.

Bees are such an important part of our world. Given all the nasty pesticides we keep pumping into the environment, they need all the help they can get. So including Coneflowers in your summer garden planting will no doubt make you happy with their colors and beauty. And make the bees incredibly happy too 🙂

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