Fall Colors and a Peaceful Park Bench

peaceful bench looking out over pond

As flower blooms fade, and temps begin to tip, Nature shifts its show of force with the colors of Fall.  Who doesn’t love to see trees magically transform from green to shades of golden yellow, orange and reds. 

Folks drive up to the mountains and along passes en mass to see the Aspens shake and dance with their Fall colors. It truly is beautiful! Stand next to someone from another country who has never witnessed the changing Aspens and it will take your appreciation to a whole other level!

I’m certainly no stranger to partaking in this yearly Autumn event. Have had the opportunities to witness the glorious Aspens in Colorado AND my favorite – in Santa Fe, NM. A drive up Hyde Park Road to the Aspen Vista Trail Head come October will be well worth the drive!

Closer to Home as Another Option

But closer to home, local parks and even around town also provide an incredible array of colors. Cottonwoods also put on quite a show. Not to mention being able to stop and sit on a bench and indulge in some peaceful moments along a path or trail. A time to turn off your phone – no conversation necessary – and just enjoy the surroundings. It’s a lovely time for stillness and contemplation as the seasons are changing right before your eyes.

With such a short time frame to take it all in, it’s well worth it!

A Peaceful Park Bench Can Be an Invitation…

I love taking photos of benches – especially ones in beautiful surroundings. They invite you to take pause. To stop and enjoy the moment. To look out across a lake or pond and watch the ducks paddling by with their soft quacking sounds. 

peaceful looking out over pond with ducks
A peaceful bench looking out over the lake with ducks in the distance.

The temptation to sit with earbuds and listen to music or a podcast etc is all too prevalent. But take the time to disconnect and listen to the sounds of nature in front of you instead. With such busy chaotic lives and the craziness of the Holidays on the horizon, it’s an opportunity to enjoy the moment. 

Look Around Instead of Down

Nature can be fussy. And leading into Fall the weather can change so abruptly causing leaves to go to brown instead of all the lovely hues one looks forward to. So if you find yourself in a park or along a trail and come across a bench, take a seat – but DON’T look down. Keep your phone stashed away and look around instead. Take in all the glorious Fall colors and sites Nature offers right in front of you.

park bench surrounded by colorful cottonwood trees in Fall
A peaceful park bench surrounded by colorful big Cottonwood trees.

For many of us the pandemic turned our world upside down. It added stressors no one could have imagined. So now more than ever, one should take a break. Fall colors and a peaceful park bench are a match made in heaven. So take a seat and enjoy 🙂

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