First Snowstorm of the Season Blankets the Landscape

Snow covered path leading to big cottonwood trees.

It’s amazing how quickly the landscape changes with the first snowstorm of the season. It’s still fall but the snow is a reminder that winter is soon to follow. The seasons compete for attention. Trees that were covered in gold with their colorful fall leaves have clinging remnants. The falling snow covers them ultimately knocking them down from their leafy heights. The crunch of crisp, fall leaves beneath your feet is replacing by the padding of freshly fallen snow. It’s an invitation that’s hard to resist for those that love the cold!

I for one LOVE heading out to take in this wintery scenery. Bundled up, I was only armed with my phone camera. Between flat light and a my sub-par phone camera (an older iPhone if you will), the opportunity to capture some moments still presented themselves.

Only weeks ago the greenbelt was vibrant with the colors of fall. However, the subdued tones of an October snowstorm – the first snowfall of the season have their place in the spectrum. Thankfully Nature held out till later in October before the first snow fell.

Freshly Formed Icicles and Footprints

A row of freshly formed icicles hang from the building's gutter.
A perfectly formed row of icicles forms during the first snowstorm of the season.

Heading out to stroll along the greenbelt, there are all kinds of snowy scenes to take in. Newly formed Icicles hang from the gutter of a row of garages. Snowflakes fall as golden leaves still cling to tree branches. It makes for a interesting scene – one I’d likely miss if I were not on foot

Footprints in the snow with freshly fallen golden tree leaves.
Footprints in the snow with golden tree leaves.

Then looking down, the snowy footprints of feet both coming and going. Golden tree leaves, freshly fallen from the weight of the snow embed themselves in the footprints.

It’s one of those rare moments in time and weather elements that you stop and observe. The seasons appear to be colliding right beneath your feet – literally!

It’s all quite peaceful to take in. No one near you yapping on their cell phone. Just you stopping to take in Nature.

You know by the footprints left behind that others have come and gone – the leaves pressed down into the snow by the passerby’s weight.

First Snowstorm Blankets the Winding Creek

Winding creek during first snowstorm of the season.
Winding creek with its banks blanketed with freshly fallen snow.

As I meander along the now wintery looking greenbelt trail, the creek winds its way down with its banks now covered in snow. A very “over the river and through the woods” moment. It’s only a metter of time before the creek begins to freeze over. Some of the big Cottonwood trees remain touched with gold. But for those that have relinquished their leaves, you see the arteries that make up their branches. I rather love the appearance of these massive trees in this state – when a snow covered path leads you right to them.

First snowstorm of the season covers footbridge across creek.
The snow-covered footbridge across the creek invites you to explore.

A snow-covered footbridge over the creek that invites you to cross it – to explore what’s on the other side. This is another snowy scene that I love to capture. There’s both a stillness and an invitation for exploration that I find hard to resist…

Canada geese floating in the pond among the falling snowflakes.
Canada geese floating among the falling snowflakes.

The pond that held colorful fall tree reflections in its water has been replaced by the Canada geese floating effortlessly among the falling snowflakes. They are in their element for sure – unfazed with the occasional honk. I’m bundled up in down and wool!

Times Well Spent Outdoors…

After meandering among the snowflakes and capturing moments here and there, it’s time to head back indoors. Football and freshly baked pumpkin muffins beckon me. The first snowstorm of the season is dreaded for many. The signal that winter looms on the horizon. However, I look forward to the next snowstorm and can’t wait to get back out among the falling flakes again 🙂

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