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Summer Garden Flowers and Wildflowers

Purple asters wildflowers with soft focus effect.
Purple Asters wildflowers with soft focus effect.

If you’re a fan of Summer flowers, then this collection is for you!

From cosmos to coneflowers, dahlias and zinnias, summer’s abundance of garden flowers and wildflowers are a bounty to behold.

How about morning glories with their deep purple blue colors? Or the soft, pale pink of hollyhocks. Even the pale pink buds of milkweed getting ready to bloom are present. There’s something for everyone and in every color imaginable!

There are even moments when photographing these flowers in the morning sun offers the appearance of translucent flower petals.

A visit to the local Botanic Gardens or other public gardens never fails to disappoint. A local community garden or even a stroll by a neighbor’s garden can bring new discoveries. It can be a visual feast for the eyes AND camera.

Each summer season brings new flower photography opportunities. New colors or configurations unfold. You never quite know what you might find – which makes it more fun.

The photos in the collection below are all close-ups and have been shot with an art photography lens. Doing so yields soft, more artistic and often unique effects. Sometimes they even look more like paintings than photos and that’s right out the camera!

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