Lady Jane Dainty, Miniature, Native Tulips

Lady Jane miniature tulips.

After the Persian Pearls, next on deck in this series of spring time Native, Wildflower, Botanical and Species Tulips are the dainty Lady Jane. These miniature tulips also brave the unpredictable early spring elements.

White their white and pink petals, Lady Jane tulips are a welcome sight in the xeriscape gardens!

For anyone that thinks a xeriscape garden may be boring or bland, then they’ve never spent time around one. Unlike having to wait to plant annuals (there’s nothing wrong with that) – but given water and drought conditions that have become more frequent, a xeriscape garden makes perfect sense. And it will save you a butt load of money on watering!!

Lady Janes Greet the Warming, Morning Sun

Lady Jane white and pink miniature wildflower tulips.
Lady Jane miniature tulips greet the morning sun.

Season to season can vary as to what will ultimately bloom. It’s kinda like Christmas, you have a “wish-list”. And finger’s crossed Nature rather than Santa delivers. So each outing to the gardens in early spring is a surprise.

Last season there were not many Lady Jane tulips. But this season there were several lovely drifts of them. Initially I only saw a few random flowers. But eventually more and more were popping up.

With their dainty white and pink petals and hints of yellow, they open and greet the warming morning sun. Happily with camera in hand, it’s a joy to sit with them and capture photos.

Given Room to Roam and Spread Naturally…

Wildflower tulips in early spring.
With their bright yellow centers, Lady Jane tulips thrive in expanding drifts.

As I’ve written previously, these native, non-hybridized tulips spread naturally. Unlike their conventional tulip brethren – which you usually see in perfectly orchestrated rows, Wild, Native and or Botanical species of tulips multiply and or naturalize on their own. So given the right conditions – such as those in the xeriscape gardens, these tulips multiply every year.

I can attest to this as I’ve observed this over the last few seasons of photographing these little flower fellas.  Given room to roam they do spread!

Sometimes One Flies Solo…

A solitary white and pink Lady Jane wildflower tulip.
A solitary Lady Jane miniature tulip about to open.

While most of the time these precious beauties are in clusters and or expanding drifts, every now and again you see one that’s flying solo.

In this photo, I just happen to stumble across this solitary flower. It was somewhat hidden by trees but out of the corner of my eye caught a glimpse of it. I love the combined textures of the flower petals – the pink white and hint of yellow center. Then the backdrop of the trees. The little guy looks much larger than its 4 inches!

Becoming more familiar with these different varieties of Mediterranean and Asian native, non-hybridized tulips has been such a gift. Their petite size and range of colors makes you really appreciate nature.

Pink and white Lady Jane tulips reaching for the morning sun.
Lady Jane miniature, wildflower tulips in their colorful glory.

One cannot negate how beautiful conventional, commercial tulips are. Just to see an aerial view of row after colorful row perfectly grown in the Netherlands. But when left to its own devices what nature creates without man’s intervention is equally as beautiful. To be greeted by these petite, Lady Jane tulips that open wide on the warming, sunny days. I’ll take it 🙂

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