March Snow – A Welcome Reprieve!

Cottonwood Park after March snow storm

After an extremely dry winter and a too close for comfort February Wildfire scare, March snow was a welcome reprieve! The heavy wet snow is just what the trees and soil needed to prepare for the soon to follow, early Spring flower blooms.

March in Colorado tends to be the snowiest month. Great for the mountains, skiers and snowboarders. I can attest to the joys of riding after a big spring storm with lots of fresh powder. But I’ve also been caught on the wrong side of a March snowstorm more than once!

At lower elevations on the front range, the snow tends to melt rather quickly. That can be attributed to the longer days with more sunlight and warming temps. However, if you get out early enough in the morning before the March snow melts, you will likely come across some lovely scenery to photograph. It can be incredibly beautiful and worth your time.

The Way the Snow Clings to Things

The way the snow clings to things can look like a fairy tale. Enchanting too. Or it makes everything look like Frosted Flakes 🙂

Getting out early to take photos is key. Otherwise It can be a bit tricky when the snow begins to melt and drop off the tree limbs and you and your camera find yourself in the line of fire of plopping snow. Gotta stay out of the way of that!!

March snow clinging to trees and grasses
This little local park was a lovely scene after a March snowstorm.
solitary cat tail covered in snow
Snow clinging to this solitary cattail was pretty cool too.

Get Out and Take Photos Before it Melts!!

Don’t let the Spring snow keep you indoors. The way the snow blankets and clings to the landscape after a March snow storm is short-lived. Get up early, go for a walk and be sure to bring your camera too. Nature may surprise you with some enchanting scenery that will be gone before you know it!

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