Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit at Santa Fe Botanical Garden 2016

Sculptures at outdoor exhibit in Santa Fe 2016.

While the snow melts at the xeriscape gardens from the recent March storm, I’ll continue with this Gardens Exhibits series. The next on deck was the outdoor sculpture exhibit at the Santa Fe Botanical Garden. This one was back in April of 2016 right around Earth Day and my second year living in Santa Fe.

Located on Museum Hill, it’s a great place to wander around with all it’s wonderful museums. But for those of us loving the merging of Nature and Art, then it was off to the Botanical Garden for me!

Note: These photos were taken with my old point and shoot digital camera. So like the Chihuly, Deborah Butterfield, and Origami in the Garden posts, the photo quality meh. However, it’s about sharing the visual experiences.

Various Artists – I Don’t Recall Their Names

The other outdoor sculpture exhibits in this series were by one specific artist. However these were by a variety of different artists. Unfortunately I do not recall the name of the exhibit or all their names. Admittedly I was more into just observing all the artful creations. Some with their unusual organic shapes and forms which blended in with the natural surroundings. One in particular appeared to be shrouded in mystery…

Bronze female organic shaped outdoor sculpture at gardens.
Organic form sculpture at Santa Fe Botanical Gardens exhibit 2016
Colorful woman with umbrella sculpture at Santa Fe Botanical Gardens 2016.
Shrouded in mystery bronze sculpture.

There appeared to be another sculpture around every turn and flowing along the paths of the garden. On a beautiful spring day and in no hurry, it offered an opportunity to slowly take it all in.

Outdoor Sculptures from Different Angles

My strolling along this outdoor sculpture exhibit allowed me to see some of the sculptures from different angles. Looking more closely at them, there is so much detail! Some were so colorful. Others looked to be bronze or some other metal materials. They evoked a sense of either calmness, energy or serenity. Or perhaps that’s how I was emotionally affected by them?

Colorful Indian sculpture - front view.
Colorful Indian outdoor sculpture back view.
Serene woman looking into bowl sculpture front view.
Serene woman looking into bowl sculpture side view.

Art is so individual and affects people quite differently. I’m definitely glad I got there early enough before the crowds began to arrive!

As each of these outdoor sculpture exhibits has been unique, I’m grateful to have taken the time to experience them. Being exposed to different artist’s and their creations in such beautiful garden settings is a gift! I highly encourage folks to experience these types of exhibits should they be available to you. It will be worth your time of that I am sure 🙂

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