Purple Pasque with Their Bright Yellow Centers

purple pasque flower pods.

With the drier spring this season, the purple Pasque flowers appear to have been a bit late to the party. They by-passed the usual Easter bloom. However, with their purple flowers, bright yellow centers and feathery green leaves, they are a welcome sight when they flower. And with camera in hand, I’m all to ready to enjoy capturing some photos!

As noted in the previous post, the Grape Hyacinths definitely took center stage with their little, vibrant purple flower clusters. And lest we forget the Dwarf Iris as spring’s endurance athletes for blooming under more variable conditions. Perhaps the Pasque flowers needed a bit more coaxing this season? Spring conditions were certainly drier this year unlike last year’s abundant spring snowfall. No spring April snow this year – bummer 🙁

Pod-Like Purple Buds

Fuzzy, purple flower buds
Purple Pasque pods with their fuzzy white texture.

Before Pasque actually open up to their full bloom, they look like hanging purple pods with a feathery white coating. They initially look a bit droopy.

In the photo to the right, a close-up look reveals the unique textures on the external petals. It’s reminiscent of peach fuzz with their leaves being equally as fuzzy.

In the morning sunlight, these features really stand out.

Predominately purple in the gardens I photograph them, I’ve come across a few clusters of pink flowers. I’ve yet to capture a post worthy photo of the pink variety. But they are just as pretty and fuzzy.

Once they open, you are blessed with their bright yellow centers as in the purple flowers.

Flowing Clusters of Flowers and Leaves

The plants have this undulating appearance of movement. Perhaps it’s the forms of the purple pods and their arched stems prior to opening. They look humble and demure and somewhat shy. But then they turn to the sky and open like “jazz-hands”! ! Sometimes they remind me of satellite dishes the way they angle themselves to pick-up the perfect sun signal that leads to their blooming.

Purple pasques with their feathery green leaves
Arched stems and feathery leaves of the plants.
pasque flowers open to the morning sun
Purple Pasque flowers like little satellite dishes pointing towards the sky.

Standing on Their Own

Purple pasque flower with bright yellow center.
Pasque away from the crowd.

The clusters of Pasque growing together may provide safety in numbers. However there is always that one that stands out from the crowd. The one that blooms vividly on its own.

They may have shown up later this season – likely due to the prevailing elements. But I’m grateful for the opportunity to photograph them whenever they choose to bloom.

No doubt, their unique flower transformations will be soon to follow 🙂

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