Spruce Up Those Blank Walls

Sunflower framed art print by just...b photography
Sunflower Framed Art Print

Do you find yourself spending more time at home these days? Feel like those blank walls could use some sprucing up? If so, there are different ways you can style your space and bring Nature Inspired Art Photography by just…b  into your home, office or studio.

You may begin your quest by visiting the just..b photography collections page. There are individual galleries with imagery so you may get a sense of the style of work and what is available.

Most images are available as art prints and wall decor in a variety of mediums. This includes art prints on paper, canvas prints, framed prints, metal prints, and more. Prices vary depending on the size and or surface of image you chose. On average, small unframed art prints start at about $21-$23.

Select images are also available as jigsaw puzzles. Think of it as a combination of art and mental stimulation – which if you’re a puzzle fan, can be done alone or shared with others when you’ve completed a puzzle. It’s a great way to share!

If you have any questions or require further assistance in selecting the ideal piece of art for your home, office, or studio, please feel free to reach out via email to info@just-b-photography.com.

Find inspiration!
Spruce up those blank walls and style your space with Nature’s colorful micro-moments.

Side notes:
For more commercial outdoor and landscape photos, please visit the photography for your creative projects page to learn more about just…b on Adobe Stock. These images are available for purchase and direct download.

If there is a Nature Inspired Art Photography image that you are interested in utilizing for a print or digital design project, licensing options may be discussed and purchased on an individual basis. Please contact me directly with an inquiry.