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Signs of Spring – The First Flower Blooms of the Season

Clusters of purple dwarf iris poking through the spring snow
Dwarf Iris flowers poking through the Spring snow.

Signs of spring are welcomed in my flower photography world. These early risers are what I call brave and bold little soldiers. Determined little buggers, they are the first hints that Spring lies on the horizon – even when the little fellas are poking through the Spring snow like these purple dwarf iris flowers.

It’s pretty amazing to see deep purple dwarf iris and crocus flowers in white, yellow and purple brave the elements. The contrast of their vibrant colors against the white snow is striking and hard to miss.

Tulips are also quite brave in their Spring determination to bloom. The early season more hearty varieties can also be found surrounded by snow. Coming in such an array of colors, and textures, they make for colorful subjects to photograph.

The kicker with these Spring flowers (like many of the cactus blooms), is that they are ground dwellers. So you have get down close to get the shot. Or at least the types of shots I prefer to capture. I may get a bit wet and muddy – but it’s oh so worth it!!

Within the gallery below you will see a diverse collection of “early risers” and Springtime flowers. The flower art photography includes Crocus, Dwarf Iris, Tulips (conventionally grown and botanical/wild tulips), Pasque flowers, Allium (ornamental onion flowers) and Poppies.

Visiting the blog and performing a search for any of the noted flowers will yield various posts pertaining to the flowers and my journey to capture photos of them as they are blooming.

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