Textures and Abstracts Gallery

Textures and Abstracts Gallery

This textures and abstracts imagery gallery is a departure from the other photos on this site. Unlike the nature and flower photography destined as art prints or wall decor, these have a different purpose.

The imagery is actually derived from original photos taken by me. However, let’s just say they evolved into something different. Rather has something to be hung on a wall (although you could), they are intended to be utilized as graphic resources such as backgrounds for creative projects.

The photos undergo an alteration process which may include blurring and special textured brush effects. This layered with colors – and LOTS of trial and error, give the final result. The foundational colors of the textures are from the photos themselves.

Ultimately the intention is to have these images available for purchase and direct download from this site. In the interim, please to visit the photography for creative projects page to see other resources currently available for purchase and download.

shades of greens texture
Shades of greens background texture.
pastel garden colors abstract
Pastel garden background texture.
yellow red and green texture
Yellows, reds and greens background texture.
fall colors texture background
Fall colors abstract background.
retro swirls background
Retro swirls abstract background.
soft browns and grays graphic
Soft grays and browns texture.

browns beige and blues texture
Blues, beige and browns texture.
Blues and browns abstract background
Blues and browns abstract background.

spooky cottonwood tree graphic
Spooky Cottonwood Tree Abstract Background

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Side notes:
For more commercial outdoor and landscape photos, please visit the photography for your creative projects page. These select photos are currently available via Adobe Stock and may be purchased to integrate into your print, web or digital content assets. Once purchased they are available for immediate download.