When Nature Mimics Nature

seal photo bombs penguins photo
Seal photo-bombs penguin photo.

In a candid photo moment provided by nature, I call this: “Seal Steals the Show”. I came across this image quite some time ago and it still makes me smile.

The cute little seal poking its head into the photo among the penguins is priceless!! Talk about “mugging the camera” or a “photo-bomb”!

I did not take this photo but am grateful for whoever did? I’d love to credit back to the nature photographer who was lucky enough to capture this moment.

Nature can be unpredictable and I doubt that’s what they were going for when they took the photo but they captured the moment for sure!

It was so interesting to realize how my flower photo below mimicked this.

A Little Backstory: In the Springtime…

Purple allium flowers (ornamental onions) in early Spring.
Purple allium (ornamental onions) in early Spring.

Springtime and Summer are filled with wonderful photo ops – especially for those of us who follow the flower bloom cycle.

Mid-to late Spring brings the colorful shades of purple and white blooms of Alliums. They are actually ornamental onions. If you smell close to the base of the plant they smell like onions! However, the floral tops literally look like big pom pom heads in all different sizes!

Had NO idea what they were the first time I saw them at the local garden I frequent to take photos. I did however quickly find out that as pretty as they look, the stems still smell like onions!! Fragrance aside, they also contrast beautifully against other yellow or peach flowers that may be blooming.

However, once the little purple flowers fall away, you are left with a knobby looking seed-head (which actually transforms again).

Similarities to the Photo Above

I was first introduced to Cleopatra Foxtail Lilies shortly after the Allium introduction. Foxtails – or desert candles as they are also called, are amazing!! In shades of white, peach, orange and yellow, they can tower 5-6 feet tall – not to mention the bees love them!!

Allium seedhead mugs camera in front of Cleopatra Foxtail lilies.
Allium seed head photo-bombs foxtail lily flowers.

On this particular day, my focus was on the Foxtails. Wandering around the garden I landed on this particular patch of them. Admittedly I’m partial to the peach color. Anywho, I was focusing on the flowers and little did I realize at the time that this knobby Allium seed-head had dropped in and photo-bombed the picture. It was only when I brought the photo up on my computer screen that it reminded me of the cute little seal photo above.

I guess sometimes Nature mimics Nature in its own humorous ways 🙂

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