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Fall Colors Gallery

Who doesn’t love fall? Aside from the fact that it’s a reminder that winter is coming (not ideal for those that hate the cold). Otherwise it’s a colorful bounty! Depending on which part of the country you live, the turning trees can be a sight to behold! Admittedly I’d love to go to Vermont to see and photograph the fall colors there. But in the meantime the golden glow of turning Aspens in the mountains is pure luv 🙂

Sadly, Nature can steal the colorful thunder should an early snow or cold snap come just as the leaves are turning. Then the leaves more or less turn brown. Such a bummer. But when it all comes together, then yay!! Santa Fe’s Aspen Vista Trail in early to mid-October is like visual overload. And of course, Colorado’s turning Aspens do not disappoint either. As the Aspens are at higher elevations, timing is again of the essence and varies depending on your chosen viewing experience around the state.

A stroll along local creeks also provides Fall colors via the changing Cottonwood trees. These big trees offer some wonderful golden yellow and orange colors as well.

The Fall Colors collection below is of original, colorful photos. They may look a bit unconventional as some of the photos have specialized filters applied during post processing. Doing so yields unique and or painterly-like and abstract effects.

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