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Photography Collections – Nature and Flowers

Brighten up any room in your home, office or studio with Nature Inspired Art Photography by just…b

This colorful collection of nature and flower-related art photography will bring those dull walls to life. Perfect for doctor’s offices, therapist’s waiting rooms or your yoga studio. These nature and flower prints and wall decor will add natural beauty to any space.

Below you may view just…b photography collections. There are individual photo imagery galleries to each collection. This gives you an idea of what may be available depending on your preference – seasonal colors, beautiful flowers or butterflies and bees. These offer you countless opportunities to customize and adorn your walls or style your space.

Fall Colors

A collection of original colorful Fall photos with specialized filters applied yielding unique and or painterly-like and abstract effects.

Frozen Moments

Winter’s frosty freeze photos – some with specialty filters applied during post processing to achieve unique and abstract effects.

After the Bloom

Often after a flower blooms what is left is more interesting than the flower itself. This is a collection of seed heads and other after the bloom flower abstractions.

Grasses and Beaches

Beach scenes in the winter along the South Jersey shore. Sandy pathways and ornamental garden grasses blowing in a gentle breeze.

Butterflies and Bees

A collection of unique photos of butterflies, bees and ladybugs on various flowers and plants taken with an art photography lens which yields unique, soft effects.

Signs of Spring

A diverse collection of “early risers” and Springtime flowers.. Crocus, dwarf iris, tulips, pasque flowers, allium and big red poppies.

Summer Garden Flowers

A collection of various Summer garden flowers and wildflowers primarily shot with an art photography lens which yields soft and often unique effects.


A variety of different colored roses – some with custom created textured backgrounds. Roses were shot with an art photography lens which yields soft and unique effects.

Cactus Blooms

Close ups of various cactus and succulent flowers – Claret Cups, Cholla Cactus and more – in different colors and shapes from Colorado and New Mexico.

Blue Flax Wildflowers

A collection of delicate Blue Flax wildflowers taken with an art photography lens which yields various unique and soft effects.

Lovely Lilies!

A variety of lily flowers including Cleopatra Foxtail lilies (also known as desert candles) taken with an art photography lens which yields soft and unique effects.

Skies and Clouds

Original photos including skies and clouds some with special effects applied during post processing for unique painterly and abstract effects.

Have Questions?

Most images found on this website are available for purchase as art prints and wall decor in a variety of mediums. If you require assistance in selecting the ideal piece of art for your home, office, or studio, please contact me with your inquiry. I’d be happy to help!