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Little wheat-like grasses.
Little wheat-like grasses.

The Grasses and Beaches photo collection is meant to evoke a soothing and calming feeling. At least that is the intention….

Beaches in winter offer a stark contrast compared to their busy summers brimming with people. But they can also be an invitation to a quieter journey.

The beach scenes below were taken in the winter along the South Jersey shore. They were taken during a very personal and challenging time in my life. Perhaps I saw and experienced them through slightly different eyes given the circumstances I was dealing with.

The photos are peaceful and contemplative. To walk down a sandy pathway and see where it leads? To be present with the seagulls and the winter sun reflecting off the gentle waves of the Atlantic Ocean and a scallop shell frozen in time at low tide

Ornamental grasses blowing in the breeze can have such a lovely effect on the senses. Just the sight and sound of them. People probably do not pay much attention to grasses gently blowing in the wind. But in our busy lives, I would recommend doing so on occasion.

Using a lens that creates soft effects transcends calming. Not all of these photos were taken along the beach. However, they appear right at home within this gallery.

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