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White fluffy clouds over adobe architecture in Santa Fe, NM.
Fluffy clouds above adobe architecture in NM.

Dark and intense to bright and sun-shining, skies can certainly evoke a mood. And Nature can put on quite a show with her skies!

From soft pastel colors during a sunset to dark and stormy ahead of a summertime thunderstorm. It’s amazing how a sky can look so serene one moment and appear angry and turbulent the next.

Clouds and skies tell their own story and it’s not always a happy ending. Nature’s skies can be unpredictable for sure!

The big white fluffy clouds against the bright blue of the New Mexico sky evokes a feeling unto itself. I’m grateful for the experiences and look forward to having them again!

Flowers are definitely more of my main-stay when it comes to photography. But the occasional departure to another aspect of Nature is good for the soul. Looking up to see what may be drifting by can capture the imagination. Cloud formations are so unique and constantly changing. It brings to mind childhood memories …

The skies and clouds gallery below reflect some of these atmospheric moments captured in Colorado and New Mexico. They are all original photos including some with special effects applied during post processing for unique painterly and abstract effects.

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