A Visit to Origami in the Garden Sculpture Exhibit

Colorful origami horses running across grass.

While living in Santa Fe back in 2016, during a trip down the Turquoise Trail en route to Madrid we passed by the sign for Origami in the Garden. From the brief glimpse in passing by it looked so cool. So I made a mental note to return. I headed back down on a different day to check it out in what would be the last day of its 2016 Sculpture Garden exhibit. It was a bright blue, beautiful fall New Mexico day and I was so grateful I was able to take in this unusual exhibit!

Origami in the Garden 2016 exhibit sign.
Origami in the Garden sign from 2016 exhibit.

As it turns out during my visit to NM in May 2023, I came across the fact that this incredible sculpture exhibit had one again returned to Cerrillos.

Note: these photos are from my old and very first little point and shoot digital camera so not the greatest in terms of quality. But still felt it worthy to share the visual experience. It may be a bit of a departure from my usual flower photos, but like my visit to the the otherworldly landscapes of the Bisti Badlands, I’m going to be integrating more of my either past and or more recent adventures as well 🙂

Origami in the Garden 2023 Exhibit

From what I can tell by Origami in the Garden website, some of the sculptures are the same as the 2016 exhibit I was able to see firsthand. But no doubt there are new ones as well. Walking around the exhibit is so unique – not just because of these incredible folded metal sculptures. But that they are set against the New Mexico landscape is stunning.

Origami cranes appearing to take flight.
Folded cranes sculpture against the New Mexico landscape.

The rock formations, piñon trees and clear blue skies just add to the overall ambiance and experience. Being this was early fall, the wildflowers in purples and yellows were an additional perk. Overall, it invites you meander along the dirt path with sculptures and picturesque nature around every turn.

Rock, paper, scissors outdoor sculpture.
Rock, papers, scissors sculpture.
Chinese take-out looking folded metal container.
I call this one “Chinese Take-out”
Geometric folds metal sculpture.
Geometric folds.
Silver metal origami horse sculpture.
Silver running horse metal sculpture.
Rocky New Mexico landscape.
Beautiful New Mexico landscape as a backdrop to the exhibit.

Worthy of a Visit

Pointing crane metal origami sculpture against red rocks backdrop.
Origami in the Garden crane sculpture.

If you find yourself in Santa Fe during this time, I highly recommend you hop on the Turquoise Trail down to Cerrillos to check it the Origami in the Green exhibit. I can pretty much guarantee it’s unlike anything you have ever seen and you will not be disappointed.. 

The info is as follows:
Box Studio & Sculpture Garden
3453 NM 14 Cerrillos, NM 87010
OPEN NOW – OCTOBER 13th weekdays 8:30am-12:30pm

Open for two very special weekends during the Turquoise Trail Studio Tour September 23rd & 24th and September 30th & October 1st 2023

After visiting the exhibit, should time allow and if you feel inspired, continue down the Turquoise Trail to Madrid to wander around for a bit. It’s a cool, funky, colorful little town with art galleries, boutiques, shops and some yummy eats!!

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