Crocus Flowers Come to Life in Early Spring

Purple crocus flowers opening to the morning sun.

After the Heavy Wet March Snow…

purple crocus flowers in early spring
Deep purple Crocus flowers in early spring

After the heavy wet March snow permeates the soil with moisture, Crocus flowers spring to life. Often these determined little flowers are poking right through the snow after a spring storm. They seem unfazed by the cold wet elements!

Coming in colors that vary from white, yellow and different shades of purple, they are little troopers. As one of the first flowers to appear in early spring, they bring inspiration.

Getting out to capture these moments – and knowing where to look is like a little treasure map. The bounty, once found – never disappoints. With their grass-like leaves, the blooms slowly open to the warming, morning sun.

Low to the Ground

Like other early risers, these little fellas grow close to the ground. So with my camera and props in hand (tarp and garden pad), off I go. I’s a matter of getting up close and personal for the shots I hope to capture. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. But just hanging out with these little crocus flowers brings you pretty dang close to nature. And that’s always a joy!!

At the right angle and with the sunlight just right, the crocus flower petals take on an almost translucent quality as in the photo below.

Purple crocus flowers blooming in early spring.
Translucent purple crocus flowers opening to the morning sun.
Purple crocus flower blooms in spring.
A view from above – looking down onto purple crocus.

A Brief But Beautiful Life Span

yellow crocus flowers in early spring
Yellow crocus flower blooms.

Crocus flowers come and go so quickly. They make their early spring mark briefly and then they’re gone.

Out during a recon walk in search of flower subjects, I almost missed this cluster of yellow crocus flowers. A return visit with camera in hand resulted in this shot. These pretty yellow ones happened to coincide nicely with Easter.

Early spring flowers such as crocus are a taste of what’s to come for honey bees. They are lured to the little flowers during the short time they are in bloom.

Thankfully there’s more where that came from! Other early spring flowers will soon be in bloom and bees will have the pick of the litter 🙂

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