Finally a Snow Storm Worthy of a Winter Walk!

Snow covered footbridge against a bright blue sky.

I know most people bemoan the depths of winter. The cold, short days and snow. Begs to question why they live in a state which is known for these very attributes?! Winter is essential for spring to happen. A right of seasonal passage if you will. I do my best to be optimistic when I hear folks complain of winter. Despite my best efforts to help people appreciate the stillness, It does not always work.

However, for those of us who love this season – the way Nature blankets the earth in white. A “time-out” before the busy time of spring unfolds, it’s a true gift! And much like a dog might be excited to head out into the wintery, white landscape, I too share that enthusiasm. So when a snow storm finally makes it worthy of a winter walk for some photo ops, I get mighty excited!

When the Weathermen Get it Really Wrong

Winter storm unfolding from my balcony
Watching the snow fall from my balcony.

This particular storm was certainly not expected. The initial forecast was rain and perhaps a trace of snow. But as the weathermen often get it wrong, it turned into a doozy. As the morning started out as rain, eventually, depending on where you were on the west side of town it amounted to 8-16 inches of heavy, wet snow! Watching it fall heavily from my balcony view, I was anticipating a winter walk in my very near future!

Snow covered tree limbs make for an abstract image.
Gnarled, snow covered tree branches created an abstract image.
The "Sentinel" big old cottonwood tree among the winter landscape
I call this big, old cottonwood tree “The Sentinel” as it watches out over the still winter landscape.

Walking among the falling snowflakes is magical! Bundled up with the right clothing and camera in tow and the world melts away. It puts you in the present moment for sure. Yes, I know not for everyone!

Personally I’ve found with the sound and feel of snow beneath my feet, all the negativity that may be swirling around in my head dissipates and gives way to clarity – allowing new ideas to come to light. Often in the form of new blog posts!

The Winter Walk the Day After…

When the sun comes out the day after, the freshly fallen snow transforms the landscape yet again. It sparkles! Throw in a bright blue sky voila – beauty! However, one slight downside was, since the temps were not that cold, the snow was much like wet cement. Not the light, fluffy stuff you’d expect in the dead of winter. It was more like what you would expect in a spring snow storm in March or April. It was a bit tricky to walk in and slow going – but still so worth it. As always, it’s so nice not to have to drive to take in these winter moments. There’s much to be said to being able to just wander out your front door.

The images below are some of the wintery moments I was able to capture….

Frosty snow covered trees after winter storm.
The path leading down to the trail surrounded by frosty, snow covered trees
Footprints in the snow of the trail after winter storm
Footprints in the trail above and sun peaking through the trees to the right.
Sun peaking through tangled tree limbs after a winter snow storm.
Footprints in the snow adjacent frozen pond.
The frozen pond with fresh tracks and a solitary, snow covered park bench.
Colorful fall trees with reflections in water
The same pond in fall with all its colorful changing trees!

Given the frequency with which I indulge in this particular scenic path, you get to observe the seasonal changes. Like this snow covered pond above compared to a similar view in the fall with all the colorful trees.

Fresh Snow, Blue Skies, What’s Not to Love?

Snow covered prairie dog mounds after a winter storm.
This prairie dog colony blanked with snow. Only their snowy mounds are visible.

Like most people who don’t exactly find these conditions to their liking, the prairie dogs of this large colony are tucked away in their winter digs. No doubt their burrows are keeping them cozy and warm. It’s so interesting to see this otherwise bustling colony completely still. Their snowy mounds are the only thing that dots the landscape.

Obviously the fresh snow and blue skies are not enough to lure them out – but that should not stop you from getting outside and enjoying the snow. Bundle up, put away your phone and head out to enjoy some of Nature’s finest winter moments. If you’re lucky, you may even see a hawk or two hanging out in a cottonwood tree.

Compared to this time last year, we had several good snow storms to speak of. So this one was indeed a finally! The woman I encountered out walking her Newfoundland agreed 🙂

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