Sunny Mornings Give Way to Blue Flax Wildflowers

Blooming Blue flax wildflowers in the morning sun.

As the seasonal spring blooms continue at the gardens, sunny mornings give way to these beautiful, little Blue Flax Wildflowers. In various shades of blues, purples and a lighter lilac color, they shimmer and dance around in the spring wind.

Coming off of my sadness from the stolen cactus plants I had been excited to photograph, these flowers were a welcome sight! 

Delicate, Beautiful and Unfolding…

The beauty of these little Blue Flax wildflowers is not just the blooms themselves, but actually watching them unfold. They are closed up in a tight swirl in the morning. However, if you take the time to walk around for a bit and it warms up, you will observe these little flowers unfolding in the morning sun. Usually accompanied by their tiny buds, the future bloom awaits them too.

Uncurling Blue Fax wildflowers with tiny buds.
Curled up Blue Flax Wildflowers about to unfold to the morning sun.

In our busy world, it’s an opportunity to be present – to see what’s right in front of you. Taking some time to watch as Nature literally unfolds before you really is quite magical! 

Fields of Flowers or Smaller Groups

Once these little fellas get their groove going, they can be quite prolific. You can find them growing as a field of wildflowers. as in the photo at the top of this post. Their shades of blues and purples are hard to miss. As the sun hits them, they brighten up even more.

Then there are others in smaller groups which I tend to prefer. When the moment is right capturing a photo can look like a watercolor painting. I love when the photos turn out like that. When they have their little purple buds dangling next to them waiting for their opportunity to bloom ands even more dimension to the photo. 

Wildflowers pointing towards the morning sun.
With their tiny buds and pointing upwards to greet the morning sun.
Blue flax wildflowers in the morning spot light.
Blue Flax wildflowers in the morning spotlight – literally!

A Tiny Water Droplet

Wind can certainly be a factor in photographing these dainty little beings so I’m always grateful when the breeze is minimal. It was a rare moment to be able to capture the photo below with a tiny water droplet on the flower petal.

Nature can have a gentle way of expressing itself. The droplet was like a little tear drop – a poignant reminder if you will of the Texas shootings that had just taken place.

Blue Flax Wildflower with tiny water droplet on flower petal.
Wildflower with tiny water droplet on flower petal.

Busy Bees Dusted in Pollen

Blue Flax wildflowers with bee gathering pollen.
A busy honey bee dusted in flower pollen.

Never forgetting to give the bees some love, they get busy on these flowers as they unfold in the warming morning.

It’s fun to watch the bees move from flower to little flower. Often the bee is heavier than the Blue Flax so it’s kind of a bob and gather as it collects pollen. Who can blame them?

Sadly these shimmering, little flowers have a short life-span. The blooms seem to only last a day before falling away.

You can see the remnants of blooms that have gone before them on the ground around the base of the plants.

Thankfully the bees will live to pollinate another day on the Blue Flax that await them next 🙂

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