Sunflowers and Bees Photography Moments

Golden orange and yellow sunflower

Sunflowers with their towering stalks, bright yellow flower petals, dark centers and heads often the size of dinner plates are hard to miss. These big yellow flowers come in countless varieties and colors. A “beloved bloomer”, they are like the definitive summer flower.

With Their Big Yellow Orbs

Bright yellow sunflowers
Bright yellow Sunflowers with honey bee on petals.

Some Sunflowers tower above and can reach heights of 15 to 20 feet. While other smaller varieties are as short as a foot tall. These varieties tend to do well in small spaces of even containers.

Either way, with their distinctive yellow orbs, they make people happy as Sunflowers brighten up gardens and reach for the sun.

Bees love them for sure. And birds – well the bounty of seeds that await them come late summer certainly makes them happy too! 

There are countless photos out there of rows and rows of blooming sunflowers. These scenarios are often highlighted by a vibrant sunrise or sunset.

However, these photos – the ones I prefer to take are more up-close and personal – imho.

A yellow sunflower reaching for the sky.
This beautiful Sunflower appears to be reaching for the sky – as they so often do.

Up Close and Personal

For my works, I tend to photograph these yellow orbs more up close and personal. Then again I do not have access to big fields of Sunflowers! However, I do capture the occasional sunflower against a clear blue sky with its striking contrast of colors. Even the buds are quite interesting looking as the flower gently unfolds.

Little ladybug on opening sunflower.
Ladybug on gently unfolding Sunflower.
Golden orange and yellow sunflower
Close-up gold and orange Little Becka Sunflower.

Whether it’s in a front yard or a community garden plot, some folks tend to go overboard with their planting of Sunflowers. Then again given to their own devices, they can grow rather wildly in places. 

Other gardeners tend to add them more tastefully into their gardens. Integrating unusual varieties makes for captivating scenery.

Often I’ve stopped to take in these unique colored Sunflowers. Some having an antique look to them.

The Little Becka Sunflower in the photo to the right was just such a variety. It’s fall-like colors were so pretty! I love the golden yellow and orange flower petals.

With those colors, it would do well hanging out in the company of a pumpkin!

Leave It to the Bees – Covered in Yellow Pollen

Whether it’s intentional or often by accident, capturing photos of bees on sunflowers makes my day. Seeing them literally covered in yellow pollen, I wonder if that isn’t rather intoxicating for them? Or perhaps it’s all just in a days work?

Bee covered in pollen on sunflower
Little honey bee covered in pollen on Sunflower.

With the larger Sunflowers, that’s some serious pollinating real estate to cover for a little bee. But they seem to do it with grace and focus nary missing a beat. In the photo below, this orange belted bumble bee is off to find another flower. I love how you can see the reflection of his little bee butt on the Sunflower petal 🙂 A photo-op like that is precious!

Ornage belted bumble bee with reflection in sunflower
Orange belted bumble bee flying off with its reflection on Sunflower petal.

From honey bees, to bumble bees and other bee species in-between, it’s a pollen party for sure! As for the wasps and yellow jackets that show up (the mean ones), they are the party crashers – the uninvited guests. That’s when I make for a speedy getaway! 🙂

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